Quartieri Spagnoli

I shot this pictures back in 2003, I wanted to explore more about this fascinating area of the city of Naples, I promised myself to keep doing it, but then I changed my mind :)

These pictures are taken in one of the most authentic and representative quarters of Napoli. Among the "hottest" popular zones ,It reflects the strong contradictions of the city.
For decades its name has recalled to the "Camorra" association which operate in it.Quartieri Spagnoli are a real city inside the city where the genius and the grotesque , the poetic and the pathetic coexist.

Naples, Italy 2005. Kids outside an abusive shop
Naples, Italy 2005
Naples, Italy 2005. Two guys play cards inside a garage
Naples, Italy 2005. Kids by the alleys
Naples, Italy 2005. A old man's tattoo
Naples, Italy 2005. Bansky graffiti
Naples, Italy 2005. Kids inside an abusive shop
Naples, Italy 2005. Bikes hanging outside a house