30 Vietnam

This project was shot back in 2005 when, finished my studies, I wanted to become a photoreporter :)

Thirty years after the end of the war and 30 days to document the actual state of this land.

In 2007 ,Vietnam has entered as a member in WTO, and boasts a large economic growth, which unfortunately came up in unequal terms. Whilst the main cities have been transformed and modernized within the period of a few years, the country- side, especially in the mountainous and remote areas, has remained untouched.

More than three quarters of the Vietnamese population live within these remote areas. Poverty is still abundant; the percentage of families which live under the poverty line is at 30%. Malnutrition for infants is still widespread; hygiene and infrastructure in the rural areas are extremely deficient.

Nevertheless, more than half of the Vietnamese population is under the age of 30.

Hoi An, Vietnam 2005. Vietnam National Administration of Tourism advertising states: ''Vietnam: a destination for the new millennium'' with cyclo drivers, motorbikes and people passing by
Hue, Vietnam 2005. Cyclo driver in front of a big National Communist Party congress propaganda sign. Many Vietnamese use to drive cyclos to make money, if they have no place to live they sleep in the cyclos chairs at night
Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam 2005. Tobacco seller during a storm
Hanoi, Vietnam 2005. A small cafe by the street of the capital
Sapa, Vietnam 2005. In a closed restaurant a man shows his tattoo
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2005. Many people in Vietnam live all together in one-room houses, sharing their life
Lak Lak village, Vietnam 2005
Duc Trong, Vietnam 2005. Sakyamuni Buddha statue in a buddhist temple. There should be 3 main religions in Vietnam: Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism; but in fact there is only one, which is an amalgam of these three doctrines
Lak Lak village, Vietnam 2005. Little fisherman in a lake
Hoi An, Vietnam 2005. A boy crosses a flooded square
Hanoi, Vietnam 2005. Along the Hong river (Red river) children play with mud balls in front of their boat houses
Lac, Vietnam 2005. Rice-field draining
Lak Lak village, Vietnam 2005. An old woman washes her dresses in the town's lake
Hoi An, Vietnam 2005. Children play in a flooded square
Hung Yen province, Vietnam 2005. A man drinks and smokes in his house. In Vietnam Spring droughts have occurred frequently in the last few years and have highlighted the precarious water situation and shortage of drinking water
Hoi An, Vietnam 2005. A flooded street corner
DMZ, Vietnam 2005. Outside Vinh Moc tunnels
Cat Cat village, Vietnam 2005. Hmong making rice
Sapa mountains, Vietnam 2005. A young hmong boy rests on the top of a hill
Sapa mountains, Vietnam 2005. A young girl. Vietnamese previous generation was totally doomed. More then half of the population is under the age of 30
Phuon Hoang PAR, Vietnam 2005. On these mountains USA troops dropped 44 millions liters of Agent Orange, the most toxic chemical compost ever made
Ta Van village, Vietnam 2005. Little fisherman. Some rivers have begun to run dry part of the year, this had a significant impact on human health
Lak Lak village, Vietnam 2005. A chained elephant
Ta Van village, Vietnam 2005. Hmong women sell their handicrafts by the streets
Sapa mountains, Vietnam 2005. Hmong children on top of a hill
Hung yen province, Vietnam 2005. Thun's family cooks its own chickens
Duc My Tow, Vietnam 2005. Bricks factory. Workers stack bricks under the sun.Their daily wage is under 3 euros
Lao Chai Village, Vietnam 2005. A man dries bricks inside his shop
Na Thrang, Vietnam 2005. A street pedlar near the sea shore
Duc Trong, Vietnam 2005. Buddha statue in a Buddhist temple